Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Samantha's 9th Birthday

This isn't the best picture as far as quality goes but is really does "capture" Sammy's personality. She is so fun and silly and full of happiness. I can't believe that she is nine! The time just goes so fast.
This is a picture from her small party. The girls had a great time. They decorated their own cupcakes, made hair bows, and played party games (Minuit to win it!)

This is Sarah sucking M&M's out of one cup and transferring them to another.
Jess, sorting M&M's

Sammy, trying to get the cracker into her mouth.
This picture was take on her actual birthday. She had this expression in every photo. Apparently every gift was SO EXCITING!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet funny girl, We love you!!

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Christie said...

I LOVE the minute to win it idea! What fun!!!! I think I wan to do that for MY birthday...I'm not too old for a party right? Happy Birthday Samantha girl!