Monday, March 7, 2011

Poor Wally Golly :(

My poor baby doesn't look too bad in this picture. Actually he looks quite happy! But if you look closely you can see his red spots. He was having an allergic reaction to.... what? we really aren't sure. He was like this for almost a week until we gave him a stronger allergy medication. It was a rough week!

These pictures actually don't show him at the worst.

Brrr... put my PJ's on please!
Sleeping on Daddy after a hard itchy day.

He is much, much better now. We will be going to an allergist soon at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City. Until then he eats no Dairy, citrus, and tomato products.


Ben & Rachel said...

Poor Wally!

AB said...

Holy cow. Poor little man! Everyone was asking about you at exercise today. Miss you. Hope all goes well at Children's. Kiss his pudgy cheeks from me!