Sunday, February 1, 2009

Guess who's THREE!

Carrie Joyce was born January 31st and weighed 11 pounds!! Yesterday we celebrated her birthday with frosted cookies. Next Saturday she will have a party with the Everitt family.

Jessica made these cookie cakes. They are two oreos stacked and frosted. They were a huge hit.

And here she is with her princess accessories (she is still wearing them) and her new duckie. The dress she is wearing is the birthday dress that both Sam and Sarah have worn twice... it is very popular.

Carrie is so beautiful, and smart, and strong willed. We are so grateful to have her. Happy Birthday to our little princess!


Heartfelt Homemaking said...

Happy Birthday Carrie. I can't believe you are three and oh so grown up.

Hoop said...

Bob is growing into a beautiful little girl. Hehe Does her daddy still call her that. I think I would were that dress all the time too.

The Kelley Family said...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...sorry we didn't call and sing like usual (we were in Portland for Disney on Ice) but Happy Birthday Carrie we miss you and love and hope you had a great day!