Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hannah's Birthday

January holds a lot of birthdays for our family, including cousin Hannah. She had a really fun "doggie" party, with lots of games, activities, and kids!! Our children really enjoyed it, thank you to Hannah's parents for all the effort that went into such a great party. Sarah was hard to get a good picture of but here she is playing a water game. The kids had to use doggie dishes to run and fill up 2ltr. bottles. I think Hannah's dad wore a little of the water too!

Carrie didn't participate in much of anything, but she ate LOTS of the cake. Pumpkin pie, Hannah's fav., was also served!

Grass or cake!!! Actually the cake was on a table that Nelson could reach and a few times we caught him stealing frosting from the edge!

Most of the Children had their faces painted to look like dogs. Jess is a beagle

Sam is a dalmatian.

The cake was really fun. Hannah's mom found this in the Family Fun magazine... I really enjoyed making it and the kids really liked it.

Happy Birthday Hannah!

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