Thursday, February 12, 2009

Meme's Visit

Meme (my mom) came to visit... we has such a wonderful time. Here are a few of the highlights.... Hi Meme... thanks for the lolly pop!
We went to the Skirball for the Noah's Ark Exhibit. It was only a few rooms but we were there for two hours and could have stayed longer, it was fabulous! Everything was hands on, Nelson ran around touching everything. The girls loved it too.

Almost all of the animals were made out of recycled materials. You could use levers and knobs etc... to make them move.

Here are the girls sending the animals onto the ark two by two.

Lunch on the Ark!

This is the view looking out of the ark. Some of the kids and I are in the other room making a craft.
Outside after going through the rainbow mister.

We went back to Malibu for some beach time. It was a little cooler but the kids still played in the sand and surf. We also saw dolphins swimming by.

We Love Our Meme
The girls were excited to have meme at their variety show.

Here are Carrie and Sarah in their Meme dresses. Sarah's is from her birthday last year, and Carrie in hers from this year.

Nelson having fun with Meme.

Meme having fun with Nelson.

Hail!? That's right Meme brought NH weather with her.

Brrr... that is cold!

Bye Bye Meme.... we love you and we can't wait until you come back!


The Kelley Family said...

Looks like you had tons of fun with Meme, we wish she had brought you all back with her! The Skirball looks great, the pics you posted are much better than the ones on their site!

AB said...

Where is the Skirball. It looks fun! I want to go.