Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gardening 101

We have a very small space in our yard that we can use for a garden. We decided on a few of our favorite veggies to put in our space. Peas, carrots, and tomatoes (cherry) were our choices. The kids and I had lots of fun putting them in the ground.The "planted" garden. Check back later for updates!!


sheila said...

It is so fun to play in the dirt. I don't think I ever out grew it.
we have a shared garden that is
20'x35'. We planted some last weekend. I hope to have up-dates on our blog. I love your garden,the kids are cute. miss you all.

The Stark Bunch said...

Gardens are so much fun! Good luck as everything starts to grow! Great Choices!

Cookies and Crumbs said...

Good luck with your garden. I hope the bugs don't like yours as much as they like ours!

Jessica Everitt said...

the sunflower is a lot bigger.