Thursday, May 28, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Week

Last week the girls school had teacher appreciation week. We made cookies for a lunch one day, took in a flower from our garden another day, and Friday was a day for a gift. I was overwhelmed at first because money is tight but I hit the Internet for ideas. The first gift (water bottles) were fun to make and very inexpensive since I happened to have everything in the house... still the cost would have been minimal (about a dollar per bottle). The second gift (the picture frame with the poem) cost $2.50, just the cost of the frame, since I had the paper in the house as well. The girls really enjoyed making the gifts and the teachers loved that they were homemade and from the heart.
Sarah also wanted in on the fun and made these for her old pre-school teachers. They are basically the same as the older girls, but she drew her own pictures on them.To answer my friend Liz's question... Yes I used scrapbooking stuff to make these. Just white card stock and a few scraps of yellow and pink (to match the crystal light packages). We used a round punch to make the hole for the bottle and heart punches for decorations (from creative memories). The pockets are held on with glue and small brads. This was really quick and easy. They say "Thanks for quenching my "thirst" for knowledge."


The Kelley Family said...

These look great! It was acutually James' question though, I just typed what he wanted to say! I will let him know though!
I don't think having the kids make these for me would be appropriate, huh???

Cookies and Crumbs said...

Those are super cute Muria! I'll have to remember that idea.