Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sarah's Birthday Party

Sarah had to wait until May 2nd for her official birthday party. I think it was worth the wait! This picture shows Sarah with her friend from church. I love the way they are looking at each other... so cute! And everyone else is in the back patiently waiting for cake and ice cream. We were short on money so we had to get inventive for this party. Here is our home made pinata. It sort of looks like a horse, right!?

The horse cake. Jessica helped me do the decorating (per Sarah's request).

They played stick the tail on the horsie (drawn by me).

And had a sugar cube race in the yard.

Sarah got lots of fun gifts... one was an outfit for her monkey. Doesn't she look cute!


The Kelley Family said...

We love the horse theme and the belly! Happy Birthday Party Sarah!!

Ben & Rachel said...

Sorry I missed the party, but Benji and Noah had lots of fun and told me all about it.

The Stark Bunch said...

Cute cake! You are so good at the party themed thing! LOVE IT!