Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sewing 101

I love being a homemaker! As a newly-wed I was in awe of all the things that I saw women doing in their homes. Sewing, cooking, caring for children, and on and on.... I felt so inadequate and unprepared. But rather than fold I took the opportunity to learn and grow. I now dabble in all things homemaking and I enjoy it all (ok maybe not the cleaning!) I in turn want to teach my girls now so that they might be more prepared in the future. We started our own sewing class a few weeks ago. We have gone over sewing basics, the sewing machine, and much more. This is our first project. Both Jess and Sam made these bags by themselves. They are very proud of them. We have made many more since these (they make a great gift with note cards and a pen in them).


The Kelley Family said...

Love the bags! Nice job girls!! James just started a sewing class too and is also working on a bag! We will have to come up with another matching T sewing project this summer!

Mike and Dejah Morris said...

How fun. That's great that you are teaching your girls how to sew. That will be a great memory for them.

Ben & Rachel said...

The bags turned out great! Way to go girls.