Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Sarah!!

This is my "Baby Sarah" (as she was affectionately known for the first few years of her life!) This picture is how I usually picture her in my mind, but as you can see from the other photos in this post... she is growing up very fast. In fact, today she turns SIX!

Sarah, or princess, is only four in this picture.
She was very specific about what she wanted for breakfast. Pancake pizzas- a pancaked with chocolate chips (to look like peperoni), sliced like a pizza with syrup drizzled on top. Oh, and chocolate milk to wash it down with!!! Let me tell you, this girl knows what she wants and isn't afraid to ask!!

This was taken this morning just before school. She got the outfit from Deric and Me and she was so excited to wear it.

Of course I took cupcakes to her class. These are from the "Hello Cupcake" book. They were a big hit!

I thought I'd add these photos of Sarah. They were taken after school days dedicated to different events... can you guess what they were? Sarah is very much enjoying school and friends these days. She is a happy girl with lots of love and occasional stubbornness. We love her so much and hope she has a very happy day!!


The Kelley Family said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!!! We are all so amazed at how grown up you look!! We all thought you looked like you big sis Jess! We are missing you very much, it is not the same here without "the top of the food chain"!!
Hope you have a great B-day!!
PS- the pancake pizza's were so cute and the sunflower cupcakes came out great!!!

Nathan and Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! We love you tons!

Ben & Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! Hope you had a great day