Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wally's Exersaucer!

While my Mom was here she said that Wally really needed an exersaucer. Trying to be frugal I had looked on Craigs list earlier and had found nothing. I decided to check one more time and we found this one at a house just over a mile away for only $10. We were so excited... it has springs too which is a plus because he love s to bounce! In this picture he is sticking out his tongue because he got his first tooth and is playing with it. Lastly notice his shirt. My sister found this and couldn't resist buying it for him... gee I wonder why!?


Elizabeth said...

Don't you just love a bargin? What a great find. He is so cute! Love the tounge and shirt. Miss all of you!

The Kelley Family said...

So cute! It looks like a fun exersaucer with lots of toys and things to play with!

AB said...

...and it looks like it makes him very happy!