Thursday, April 29, 2010

Character Counts At Peachland Elementary

I have to say I was cynical. The other night my children and I went to the Family Fitness night at the elementary school. We had a great time. There were many "fitness" activities for the children. A passport to have stamped when each station was completed. Goodie bags for all who did the activities. Low cost subway sandwiches and smoothies, and a cool rock wall. We had and awesome time! Then it wast time to go and the little girl that we brought with us was missing her money filled wallet. We searched and searched and searched... but the wallet wasn't found. The little girl was devastated. When I spoke with the principal she said... "It will turn up, because Character Counts at Peachland!" As I said before, I was doubtful. There were a lot of people there. Well, we all said our prayers and waited. The next day I received a call and sure enough the wallet and all of the money were returned by a very honest little girl. It made every one's day. Like I said... I am glad Character Counts at Peachland Elementary!!

Sarah on the wall.

Jess (on left) and Sammy (right) on the wall.


The Kelley Family said...

What a great story! Glad to hear that still happens!! The climbing wall is so cool, sounds like a great time!

AB said...

Great story! And a fun night!!!