Thursday, March 8, 2012

Free Tickets to Collin Raye

A few weeks ago Deric put our names in a drawing for a Valentine's concert special. Two days later I received a call saying that we won! I could hardly believe it! Actually I didn't believe it, I went online to check out the radio station to see if the man who called was who he said. It was legit! Her is a picture (not a very good one) of Deric and Me with Willie the radio man!!
The grand prize, which we won, included two tickets to see Collin Raye in concert as well as a 'meet and greet' before hand. He seems like a really nice guy. It was fun to meet him.
The prize also included...

A dozen roses, I couldn't believe how beautiful these are. I know flowers aren't practical but I really enjoy getting them!

...$40 dollars in chocolates from a specialty shop. This is the one thing I got a picture of. It was a caramel apple dipped in chocolate, yum! We also got chocolate dipped strawberries, white chocolate and coconut topped pinapple (which was my favoriet), and quite a few other treats!!
...also included was a one night stay at the Holiday Inn that we plan to use sometime in the future. And, a dinner for two at a yummy wings place. It was such a fun night! I feel so blessed to have been able to have the time with my husband at such a nice event!

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