Monday, March 5, 2012

Sammy is now in double digits!

February 8th was our sweet Sammy's 10th birthday. She was so excited for "her" day. Her birthday is the last one in our "birthday season." Here she is with a typical Sam look. She has been the queen of 'faces' since she was a little. All of the pictures of her opening presents are so funny. She has a new expression for each one. The one in this picture is mild compared to others! I love these sweet funny faces. I am so glad to have this fun girl in my life! Happy Birthday Sammy!
Samantha requested math papers and pencils as decorations for her class cupcakes. This is what I came up with. She LOVED them. I wrote all of the math problems and had ONE with a wrong answer. The child in her class that got that cupcake won a small prize. This ensured that all off the children actually checked their math before they ate their cupcake!!

You can always count on a fun reaction from Sam when she opens a gift! Here she is getting the mini tablet that she asked for!

Wearing a cute robe that Meme sent to her.

A few days after her birthday Sam had a few friends over for a small party. They decorated cookies, faces, and t-shirts. It was a fun giggly afternoon.

mmm.... cookies and candy!!

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Christie said...

Love how you are playing with blurring out the background! I heard you got a new camera! Watch out it's addicting!!!! Have fun! I am going to send you the link to a great class on how to use your camera. Signups start next week and the class starts in April!!!! YEAH!