Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Teacer appreciation week

The week of Valentines was also Teacher Appreciation week at the elementary school. Who ever decided to do that was a little crazy. I had lots of things to do to get ready for the Valentine parties, plus teacher appreciation... a cruel joke! I still had lots of fun with it though. This is the poster I made for Carrie's teacher (I am head room mom for her class). Each cupcake liner has a picture of her classmates dressed in a chefs hat.
On Monday I gave each of the teachers on of these. Each day of the week could be opened and there was a special note inside to go alone with the small office supply inside.

A candy gram.

A bookmark for Friday with a tag that said "you wrote the book on being a great teacher!"

Hand sanitizer is huge here. These have a tag that says "you deserve a hand."
I have to admit that non of these ideas are mine. I found most of them at www.skiptomylou.org They are all very fun though and the teachers really liked them.

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