Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Hopping Good Time!

Before we went to NH I asked all of the children what they would like to do when we were in NH. Everyone talked about seeing family and friends but there were other things mentioned as well... including catching frogs. The first weekend we were there we went to my grandfathers and looked for frogs in the pond and found NOTHING. But the kids did find this cute little tree frog in the woods! The kids were so excited.
And then we found another one!!!

Can you see the frog in this picture?

Jess is always so sweet to Wally.

Great Grandpa Roy holding baby Roy and watching the kids get excited about the little frogs.

Love the smiles!

Sarah was the one who requested finding frogs while in NH. She was so delighted to find some tiny ones!  And don't worry we found LOTS of regular frogs too... watch for them in other posts.

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