Sunday, August 26, 2012

Take me out to the ball game

Last spring Sarah, Carrie and Nelson all played ball with the city teams. The kids had so much fun. Sarah started with no knowledge or experience and grew with leaps and bounds. Here she is as catcher for her team.

One of the game days Jessica also had a band concert. It was very interesting having to run back and forth between the ball field and the middle school but I still managed to get to everything!!

Carrie at bat.

Nelson's trun!!! (Carrie and Nelson were on the same team, which made life a little easier!)

He is waiting to get the ball and put it back on the team.

In the outfield.

Sarah at bat.

This was the one picture Sarah insisted that I take. She loved that her team got to slap hands with the other team EVERY time!! Sarah's team also ended up getting 2nd in the final tournament, unfortunately we were in NH when the won... but good job girls!!

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