Wednesday, August 22, 2012


In May we got a new kitty. She was soooo cute and friendly. We named her Pebbles. Everyone in the house was very excited about her. Except for Cali!

Nebo is particularly fond of her. She and the kitten will play together for hours. They nap together too! This was not a staged photo!!

The kitten has been very tolerant of all the torture the kids dish out. I honestly think she enjoys it most of the time. I have never seen her hide from any of the children...

... not even from Wally. (Notice she isn't jumping out even thought she could!)

I will admit she is quite cute... but a little crazy!  Actually I think SHE thinks she is a dog. (Which is ok since Nebo thinks she is a cat!!)

Nebo is so tollerant that she lets the kitten "nurse" from her daily.

Here is more dog like behavior. She got into the garbage can to get this pizza crust (from Little Cesars of course!) The she ate almost the entire thing. She is always eating the dogs food out of their bowls. She fetches, and carries all sorts of things around the house. Sooooo...since she thinks she is a dog we decided to changer her name. She is now known as Rover!!!!

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