Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy New Year Birthday!

The second birthday of our "Birthday Season" was the first day of the New Year. My handsome Nelson turned five years old as we rang in the New Year. As a family we decided that there would be no big parties this year. Only a family party with a friend or two to share cake and ice cream with.

Nelson has lots of interests so picking a cake theme was hard... Lego, Nerf, Star Wars?... as you can see Star Wars won this time but it leaves me plenty of options for next year!!

I just love his sweet face! This boys eyes sparkle all the time!
Opening gifts with eager siblings. My favorite part of gift giving is watching my other children get so excited about GIVING to others!

At preschool Nelson got to celebrate with friends. Hmmm... I think I have seen this crown someplace, what do you think?
I hope that he had a great day. I sure enjoyed celebrating him for a day. He got to choose his breakfast (crepes) and dinner (pigs in a blanket!). He also was exempt from his chores for the day!

What fun it is to watch this little boy grow. He has really changed this past year and all signs of baby and toddler-hood have left him. He is very Independence and loves to make his own popcorn and pour his own drinks. He is very modest, but not shy. He loves to play with others and can't wait until the snow is gone some more so he can ride his bike and new "motorcycle." I sure love this child and I am so grateful that my Father in Heaven is allowing me to raise him. Happy Birthday buddy!

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