Friday, February 15, 2013

Birthday "Season"

For most people "surviving" the holidays means pulling everything together and making it through Christmas or maybe even New Years. For me, well, I don't get to take a deep breath until after Valentines day!!  You see, for our family "Birthday Season" starts Christmas Day and lasts until February 8th. Then (here at our elementary school) the next week is teacher appreciation, Valentines day, and Parent Teacher conferences, I swear they are trying to kill me!! So right now I am able to breath, and blog!!! I am going to start with Roy's birthday first (Christmas Day!) and work my way forward. Hope you enjoy!

The kids were soooo excited to have cake on Christmas. We had a small little family party for our adorable, fun, easygoing one year old! Here are a few pics. to recap...
Say cheese birthday boy!
 His Lion Birthday Cake
 Hmmm... this is yummy!

 He ate ALL of the little lion cake!!
 Opening gifts... He loved his new "taggie" Lion (yes, Lion's are his animal!)
This picture is to show that I finally finished his baby blanket. You know, the one that all of my kids get when they are born... his may have been a year late! That's what happens when you come three weeks early!!(and you have a mom who tends to procrastinate!)  Happy Birthday buddy, we love you!

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