Saturday, February 16, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week 2013

This year we tried to do fun and inexpensive teacher appreciation gifts. I am really happy with the results. I hope my children's teachers felt appreciated.

On Friday the 8th I hung the teacher posters. I am really excited about how these came out. The kids enjoyed having me take their pictures and making the posters personal. The kids are making "fishy faces" on the steam poster. Also each fish lists what the kids feel their teacher gives to them. The tree is filled with apple kids. Their hands make the leaves and list the ways that their teacher gives to them!

Monday they started with Simply OJ stating that they are "simply" the best.

Tuesday brought much needed flower markers, thanking the teacher for helping the class to "bloom."

Wednesday let them know that "O FISH Ally" they are great teachers.
Thursday the teachers were told how
"Extra" special they are.

 Friday was the bigger gift. I printed out these cute tree templates and had the kids put fingerprints on them for the leaves. Then I wrote all of their names on the branches and framed the entire thing.

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Crystal BUSWELL said...

These are great! I am the President for the new Freedom Eagles PTA. I'd love to steal some of your ideas if that is ok? Crystal:)