Monday, November 30, 2009

Sabbaday Falls, NH

Some how I forgot to post this earlier... so here it is!

On August 13 we went on a really fun hike with our old home school group. The location was just off of the Kangamaugus Hwy. It is called Sabbaay Falls. It was a very easy hike up a very large path to a beautiful waterfall. Because of all the rain the river was very high making the falls even more beautiful than ever. We planted a letter box while we were there. Letterboxing is very fun and if you haven't done it before you can click here to go to a website all about it .

This picture is of Carrie trying to help her friend Emmy put her shoe back on. Nelson and Mollie hanging out after being carried the entire way.

See what I mean... must be hard to ride up to the falls! This is me with my best friend Liz

The rest of our kids at the top of the falls.

This is the spot where we placed our letterbox... under the stump. It is listed on the official letterboxing website.

Emmy wanted to carry Nelson down the trail. He weighs more than she does!

Sam found the other letter box that is hidden there.

The Falls

The entire group that went (minus a few moms taking pictures).

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The Kelley Family said...

Summer memories.... thanks for posting that, it is nice to see those pics again to remind us of the fun we had this summer!! Looking forward to doing it again next summer!