Monday, November 30, 2009

Our "Amazing" Family Home Evening

Every Monday night we have "Family Home Evening" or FHE. It is a night when we have treats, activities, a spiritual lesson, singing, and fun (hopefully). This last Monday we did FHE "amazing race" style. It was so much fun we wanted to share with you.

We started out in the car. The kids were given a clue about a song. I started driving... when they figured out the song we sang it, when we were finished I pulled over and gave them their next clue. They had to figure out that we were supposed to go to the park. I drove there and gave them their next clue. They had to preform a task at the park... go down the slide, run around the park, cross the monkey bars etc... Once they preformed the task and got back into their seatbelts they were given the next clue. We then drove to 7-Eleven (the destination from the last clue) and read a scripture in the car. Then we went in and got slurpees. Once everyone was back in the car we read the final clue. It sent us to the mall where we had a lesson in the car, then we all went in and picked up the pictures that we had taken a few weeks ago. We rode the escalator while we were there (a favorite with my kids!)

This was SO much fun. I would like to do it again when I put a little more thought into it. I planned all of this about an hour before we did it!


AB said...

Impressive for an hours planning! Next time we want in. Can we play boys against girls?

The Kelley Family said...

This sounds like so much fun! We want to play too!!