Saturday, November 7, 2009

Meme's Visit

This is a little old but I wanted to post some pictures of my mom's visit here.
This first one is of the kids at Chuck E Cheese.

Sarah giving Meme a flower.

We went to a sibling class at the hospital. Here are the kids at the class... you can see Deric and Me in the background.

Carving Pumpkins just before Halloween.

At the "Fun Run"

Playing handball! (Jessica's favorite thing to do!)

Mom took the little ones to the park while the others were at school.

Out at the beach... it was a beautiful day and we spent almost the entire time in the water!

Gotta love the static!!!

We had so much fun with my mom. It was really hard to see her leave... we hope she comes back to visit soon!!

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The Kelley Family said...

The static is so FUN! It is a great pic!