Sunday, November 29, 2009

Beauty Is...

The PTA at the girls school takes part in a competition every year called "reflections." Every year there is a different theme, this year the theme was "Beauty Is..." The children could enter in 7 different areas: dance, literature, film, visual arts, photography, and music. Jess, Sam, and Sarah all entered this year. Everyone who enters gets recognised at an awards ceremony and everyone receives a medal.

Sarah painted a picture of our family. It is beautiful. She said it was beauty to her because of how much love she feels for her family. Sarah got 2nd place in her age category (K-2nd). Here she is getting her award.

Samantha entered visual arts with a drawing of her and Jess playing handball in the front yard. She also entered photography with a picture of our cat Cali. She got an honorable mention for her photograph.

Here is Sam's picture of Cali.

Jessica also entered photography and visual arts. She placed 1st in both categories in her age group (3-5th). Her painting was of her new baby brother, and her photograph was a collage of different things in nature. Her entries will now move on to the district level.

Jess' collage.

Great job girls... we are so proud of you and all of your hard work!!


sheila said...

That's awesome girls !... Miss ya all.

The Kelley Family said...

Great job girls! Jess, your photo's came out really nice, and Sammy we love the kitty! Sarah even though we can't see it, nice job! It sounds like a really fun event! I know the boys would enjoy something like that! They love to draw and be creative!