Saturday, October 29, 2011

Beck Family Pumpkin Farm

Welcome to Beck Family Pumpkin Farm. It is a charming farm just off the beaten path in Centerfield, UT. I was lucky enough to follow along with Carrie's field trip to the farm yesterday. We had a great time learning about pumpkins, the different kinds, and even picking one out of the field. Nelson and Wally had a great time pretending to be kindergartners! This first shot shows the "feel" of the area quite well.
There was a straw maze that the kids loved. Hi Carrie!!
Which way should I go?
Nelson finished in a snap and was pleased to find candy at the end! Did I mention that it was quite cold!!!

To get to the pumpkin patch you have to walk through a gourd tunnel. I love these gourds, I want to plant some of my own!
Carrie picked out her pumpkin right away, little was her first requirement!
The kids all picking... That is Nelson in the blue right in front.
I loved the seeds, green is always fun!
Thanks for sharing your field trip with us Carrie!

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