Friday, October 28, 2011

Cherishing the moments!!

In my last post I talked about "cherishing the moment" and enjoying my children as they are right now.... can I change my mind already!? OK, not really, but I certainly wasn't thrilled with this mess that I had to clean up yesterday. I use these little hair ties on the girls EVERY day, and I LOVE that they are all organized in a little container. Then a few days ago I went in the bathroom and found them dumped on the counter (I had no idea Wally could even open them!!) I spent a long time reorganizing them and stuffing them back into the individual slots. Then yesterday I went into the bathroom again and this time they were ALL OVER the floor!! Here they are swept up with all the other things that were on the floor! They are in a baggie now, all jumbled together... I will not re-organize! Sigh, the sad part is that who is really to blame here, probably me (said sheepishly)! Oh well, their are certainly worse messes that I am sure to have to clean up tomorrow!!!

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