Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mmmm, acorns!

The other day Deric was looking at my facebook page and noticed a friend had posted a picture of the cutest little acorns. I was looking for a fun treat and decided to try them that day!!

You start with a lot of these, unwrapped of course!
You need a little chocolate to put them together! (It is yummy to eat with your fingers too!)
Add some mini nilla wafers or bite sized nutter butters, and a mini chocolate chip stem (and a little patience).
And soon your mouth is full like this!!!
Unless you keep making them like this... (like your supposed to!)
The end result is this!! A happy camper with a cute acorn treat!!
Here is one with a card I made for a thank you we were giving out.
Here is the entire "Thank You" platter. (Some people from our church helped us empty our storage unit!)
These were super fun and easy. The ones pictured above have nutter butter top but we made them for he kids to take to school and used mini nilla wafers and they were just as cute. (Sam has a child with a peanut allergy in her class so nutter butters were out of the question!)

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lisaplus6 said...

lol. wonder where you saw those :) love them!! i love your recent blog posts... such a joy to read!