Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hoppy Birthady Two Year Old!

Two years ago today our family went from seven to eight! It was a beautiful sunny day and everything went so well. Little wally was born just after 4:30 pm, a handsome healthy baby boy. We were all so excited to welcome another little boy into our family. He is steadily becoming a better and better playmate to his big brother. And BOY are they boys!! I am getting a full dose of the difference and they are sure keeping me on my toes! I am so grateful to be the mom of this little guy. Happy, or should I say Hoppy Birthday Wallace!

Two years later and he still LOVES his stuffed froggie! Here he is... The birthday boy!!
Wally got many gifts but the best was his new motorcycle from Meme and Poppy!! He rode it around as much as he could today. We were worried that he would need it to go to sleep (luckily that was not the case!) *Note, the PJ's have froggies on them!
After dinner today we enjoyed cupcakes with Wally. "Hoppy Birthday!"
These were so fun to make!
This picture was taken after Wally blew out the first candle, or maybe it was the drool that put it out!! (Thankfully we all get our own cupcake!)
Yummy, not so bad, thanks Mom!
Here he is trying to put the candles back in, and blow them out again!
He went to bed a happy little two year old!!

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The Kelley Family said...

Happy (hoppy) birthday Wally!!!! Love the cupcakes, they came out great! Can't believe he is 2! Where does the time go?????