Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Our House, part two

WELCOME! Imagine you have just stepped through our front door, and here you are in our family room. The door you see leads to the one car garage. You can also see a glimps of our dining area.

This is the view from the other side. (You can see the front door.)
Sorry this picture is so dark. This is the dining area and the sliding glass door to the back yard.
The view of the dining area from the kitchen.
In the living room if you walk in and go to the right you will find yourself in this fabulous hallway!
The first door on the left is the bathroom.
Two views is important since it is such a large room!
Across the hall from the bathroom is the Nursery which is now Wally's room, but in a few months a new baby will move in!
Just down the hall on the right is Sarah, Carrie, and Nelson's room. This will eventually become Wally and Nelson's room and the girls will move to a bedroom downstairs!
It is a work in progress!
The master bedroom is at the end of the hall. It isn't huge, but it fits our furniture and we are grateful for that!! Cali (the cat) likes it just fine!
Here is the master bathroom. After living in homes with only one bathroom it is sooooo nice that Deric and I now have our OWN bathroom, no kids allowed (if you look closely you will see I don't follow that rule very well)!!
That is all the tour for now. Part three will come soon, backyard fence, and the downstairs!

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