Monday, October 24, 2011

Jess Turns Eleven

It seems like Jessica was five just yesterday, and now she is eleven. She is an amazing young lady full of great ideas and helpfulness. I am so grateful that she is my daughter and that we are enjoying this journey together. Jess is also a sensitive girl, much like her mom. Last month we celebrated her birthday and I thought I'd share a little of her celebration with you!!

Jess loves owls and penguins. This year she asked for a penguin cake. It came out a little rough but she liked it so all was well!

For her party 10 of her friends came over for games crafts and fun. Here Deric is demonstrating how to stack marshmellows on a popcicle stick!
Playing "face the cookie" only one girl got it in her mouth (without using her hands)!
The winner of the can/paperplate stacking.
Jess attempting to stack marshmellows.
Sammy after the "flour" game! This was our finally game and we were going to play it outside but it was raining. We did it anyway and made a huge mess but had lots of fun!!
Make a wish!!
Then it was time for presents! All the girls sang a song and bonked Jess on the head with a gift, it was really cute.

"Heavy, heavy hang over. Thy poor head. What do you wish, with a bonk on your head!"
The whole gang (minus Carrie who refused to get in the picture).
On her actual birthday (a few days later) Jess opened gifts from Us, my mom and sister. I think she got a lot of good stuff. She asked for more earings and she got a lot!!
Happy Birthday to my wonderful daughter! We love you!

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