Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Annual Family Pictures (2011)

As most of you know we have family pictures taken every year (not that I don't take lots of pictures all year long). They are our way of charting the growth of each of our children, and we love to send a family picture to everyone at Christmas!!

We also took a few extra of Wally for his "two year" pictures! He was not very cooperative. In all of our years of taking pictures we have never had a child that was uncooperative. It is always a point and shoot event with little hassle. Wally changed our record! He would not be bribed or consoled. He had a major tantrum... but we are good, other than some blotchyness and one photo to prove it, you might not have guessed that he gave us such a hard time. So with out further ado...

Wally age 2 with his best pal froggie!
Wally being shy!

Here is the proof, this is what he did almost the entire time! We told the other kids to be grumpy too... Jess thought it was funny!
Trying to get a good shot!
The children in age order
Jessica 11
Samantha 9
Sarah 7
Carrie 5
Nelson 3... his picture to me shows the most growth... where is my toddler boy?
Wally 2

You will have to wait until Christmas to see all of us together!!!...

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Ben & Rachel said...

Everybody looks cute. Can't wait to see the whole family!