Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I want candy!

We really enjoy the fun of Halloween in our house, including trick or treating. I do not, however, enjoy all of the candy that we end up with (6 bags of trick or treat candy is a lot!) So for a few days the kids get to eat some here and there, then we have them pick a few of their favorites and the rest is put in bowl (all together). Here is a picture of SOME of the candy. We (meaning Deric and I) will enjoy this bowl for a few days and then what.... this year we are going to donate it. To whom we are not sure, but I know my waistline can't afford to keep it around too long (not that I have a waistline right now!!) Any how, what do you do with all of your candy?


The Walters said...

I heard you can take your unwanted candy to participating dentists (not sure how you find them) ( and some will even pay you for the candy) and they check it out and donate all the good candy to a service that makes care packages for soldiers who are away from their families.

Kimi said...

I hear there are dentist who will buy it. Candy isn't good for anyone so I don't feel bad at all for throwing it away. However, I have heard of people using it to make other goodies and then you could give them away without feeling like you are giving away candy you don't want.