Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I LOVE Thanksgiving! I love the food, family, fun,... (it goes right along with my love of Fall!!) This year we celebrated the holiday at Deric's brother Ben's house. We had to bring some of the meal. This year Sam and Jess helped me by making their own deserts. It was fun to watch them do it all by themselves.

Sammy made this... a Maple Pumpkin Torte. It was OK but we agreed we'd make it differently or not at all next year.
Here are the kids at their own table!!
Younger kids table. I love the look on Chewy's face!! He did just get staples in his head!!
This is Jessica's desert. White chocolate strawberry tart. It was OK too, again not a keeper.
This desert was super fun and a keeper!! Sarah found it in a book at the library and Jess put it all together! It was a huge hit with the kids. The cheese went so fast, who would have thought!!
Gobble Gobble! Hope you had a Happy Day too!

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