Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hectic Halloween Day

Trick or Treat! Wow, to say that Halloween was a crazy day for me would be an understatement. It was however lots of fun even if it was go go go all day! It actually started the night before with... more treats. I am a "room mom" for each of my elementary school children and I volunteered to bring in treats and help with the class parties. I made 84 of these fun candy corn rice crispy treats (that I found at Kraft.) I did modify slightly by adding the chocolate to the back. I think everything is better with chocolate! I was so blessed to have the help of my husband with these. He moved, measured, and just supported me while I made them, it was so much more fun with him there!!

The tray for Carrie's class. (We also handed out stickers)
The bags to hand out in Sam's class (she didn't have a party). And Sarah's class needed drinks so I provided those for her!
After class parties and a fun parade we headed home to get ready for the evening festivities! (Jessica was able to wear her costume to school as well). We cleaned the van and decorated it for our church "trunk or treat" chili party. Then I got the kids dressed and took pictures...
Here they are!
Wally the Froggie (with his sisters wand)
Carrie our Sweet Witch!
Our peace keeping sheriff- Nelson (who is missing his badge and you can't see his spurs!)
Sarah our beautiful Mexican dancer.
Aye, our spirited Pirate! (and her trusty parrot!!)
And Hermione Granger, Harry Potter's Friend (who looks suspiciously like Jessica!)
Off we go to trick or treat! It is a little crazy here because there is not a specific time to go... kids started door to door just after school. This picture was taken at 5pm and we went to a few homes, all of which gave out candy! After we went to the city's 1st trunk or treat... it was nice but they have some glitches to work out. Then we went to our church party. We ate chili and then trunk or treated again, this time in the dark! It was an overall great day!
And Oh, I almost forgot... Baby Roy had his first costume as well. He went as a pumpkin!!
(Thanks Mom for all of the costume accessories and Wally's froggie costume! We love you!)

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