Friday, November 11, 2011

Ninja Swords

After Halloween I took the little kids to Walmart to get a few things. Of course everything Halloween was reduced 75% off. Included in the bins was a sword set that Nelson had drooled over when we were trick or treating just a few days before. Luckily for me 75% off meant that they were just under TWO dollars. I was able to sneak them under the cart and buy them without him knowing. Then I told him if her was willing to do a big chore I would get the swords for him. The next day I let him know that he would have to wash all of the fingerprints off of the walls. He spent the next few hours with a rag wiping EVERYTHING down!!! I was proud of his hard work, and he was so excited to earn his Swords!! Here is a not so great picture of him with them.
Carrie felt like Nebo would make a good Ninja sidekick for Nelson!

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