Saturday, November 12, 2011

"You need shoes on to go outside!"

If you know me at all you know I usually don't wear shoes unless I have to. My children and I go barefoot as often as possible. (We do have a no bike riding without shoes rule though!) And if we are wearing shoes they are sandals of some sort!

The problem now is that it is getting a lot colder. Now we need to wear shoes when we go outside (I do miss So. Cal. and wearing flip flops all year!) So the other day when Wally was headed out the door barefoot I called to him "you need shoes on to go outside!" Reluctantly he came back in the house. It wasn't much later that I went to help him and couldn't find him anywhere inside. Then Jess pointed him out in the back yard. What could I say... he was wearing shoes and he had a jacket!! Too bad the jacket wasn't ON him, and the shoes look suspiciously like MINE. Amazingly he could walk just fine in them!

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