Saturday, November 5, 2011

Let it SNOW... Snow college homecoming!

Today was Snow College's Homecoming celebration. And we, as many of you know, are now a college family!! We started the celebration with the parade down main street. Here the kids are waiting for the parade to start.
Go Snow! Actually it was spitting snow the entire time (rather fitting I thought).
And it was quite cold! Wally managed to stay warm though.

The real reason we were there (besides the candy that was thrown at us!!), was to see Deric on the float he helped build (and when I say helped I mean he did a LOT of work on it.) Here it comes!
Hi Daddy!
It was his idea to add a little character to this ticket booth. All of the edging was hand cut. If you look you can just see the tops of the girls heads in this picture!
After the parade we went to the "tailgate" party, which was inside because it was sooooo cold. Here are the kids with the badger and badgerets!!
This was the best part of the party... the indoor obstacle course. It was free and the kids just about wore it out!! The little boy in red isn't an Everitt but he is with us a lot.
Wally was scared to go through at first but soon got the hang of it.
It helps that big sister was there to encourage him.
Nelson got better at this the more he went. Wally never could get up to the top of the slide :(
Sam and Nelson enjoying the other blow up... a boxing ring.
They also had face painting, free popcorn and cotton candy. It was lots of fun. When we left we drove by the stadium where the game had already started. Go Badgers!!

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That shack was very impressive!