Sunday, November 13, 2011

Moving Walls!!

First, I have to apologize for the mess you will see in these pictures. Moving walls while living in a space really creates a disaster! It will all be worth it though!! We, Deric and I, spent most of today moving walls, dry-walling, adding outlets, and over all just trying to get some rooms on their way to being finished. I am too tired right now to post much more about it. I do now have an office between the family room and the soon to be older girls bedroom (there was not a room there before!) I am loving the feel of the changes, all good things for our family. I am also sooooo grateful for my husband and the knowledge that he has. I NEVER could have done all of this without him! I also know he is doing it for US (me and the kids) so that we will have a nicer home, thanks so much honey!

This picture is the new office wall that just went up.

The "closets" that you see in this picture are now gone to create a bigger toy area for the kids. (I am not crazy, there is a huge storage area with shelves and closets just to the right of where these closets were!!)
Check back for updates later... it already looks so much better than it does in these pictures, I am just too tired to take the pictures!!

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