Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Child Proof"

Wally loves to get into the refrigerator. More than once he has dumped something very messy on the floor. I got smart and put a lock back on the door to make it child proof. All the other children know how to open it. For the last few weeks I have been chastising everyone for leaving the door unlocked, "not me" was always the one to blame. Then, two days ago I found out "not me" really meant "Wally"... check out what he can do. This picture is actually of him locking the door after unlocking it and getting the juice out of the fridge. So much for a child safety lock (and for me being so smart!!)
PS... pretend you don't notice the sticky spots where the old locks were!! Thanks!

1 comment:

Ben & Rachel said...

Wow that is impressive I don't even now how to open those child proof locks!